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🚨 Five questions to ask for a Mid week check in: 🚨

If you are feeling stressed, lethargic, maybe even down right angry: it's time to pause. Stop doing and just be. These feelings are symptoms that something needs your attention, like your cars check engine light. So, when you take a few breaths to stop and connect, you are giving your mind, body and soul an assessment.

Here are some questions to ask to get grounded and centered:

1. How are you? Like really tho...

2. What do you feel?

3. What feels good and/or off?

4. Are you motivated or burnt out?

5. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

These check ins are important! They are your own internal compass telling you where your in alignment and where something ain’t right.

It also serves as a way for you to dig down and get connected to the self and what you need to move through, what you need to sweat out, release and shift with us.

Movement is just a vehicle to honor the self. Move through it with intention and what how beautiful it becomes on the other side. 💫

Check in.

Get clear.

Come join us.

We got the rest.

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