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Exposed to the elements

Some one told me that I had "COVID Fatigue."

What the hell is THAT about? Is that a "thing" and do I need treatment? Will the vaccine help?!?

Im sure there is some truth that this monotony and isolation has totally ran its course and is causing some energetic shift in our mental, spiritual and emotional health. As humans, we need so much more connection than this time allows and the long term effects of almost a year of a paradigm shift without proper support systems and tools can lead us down a dark road to navigate, often alone and vulnerable.

I like to think of the anger, frustration and feeling straight up miserable as signs that something is off and out of alignment.

Maybe, what we feel isn't burnout but rather a disconnect in our alignment and direction.

Burnout is kind of a blanket term we toss around without truly understanding what it even means! Burnout, fatigue, overwhelm often happens because we are not connected to the self; we are firing old ways into new opportunities. We are using old versions of us and our thinking to show up in spaces that require new versions.

That conflict causes all kinds of symptoms to show up, trying to anchor us in the comfort of the status quo and comforts we have accepted as truth.

AND maybe this is a sign for us to take notice of what we are facing now, as we have shed old versions of ourself and are now exposed to the elements of our current life: if it doesn't feel right and causes more frustration, then it is a gift to listen to!

Maybe my sentiments are more about a shift I need to make, not about a blanket statement to bandaid back to the status quo. And those of you who know...I ain't ever been a status quo kind gal. Matter fact, I inherently run fully force in the opposite direction.

So, here's what I have come to understand in unpacking my burnout, which are just symptoms for me to dig a bit deeper. Maybe it can help you to do the same.


The elements we are experiencing up against the raw, exposed version of our self are a painful North Star to redirect us back home, to ourself and into a path that is more connected to what we want, who we are now and what we are called to do.

What do you think you need? What is this truly about? What is no longer a match and a fit?

These questions may not have easy answers and outcomes that can seem overwhelming if we change course.

Take a few minutes to check in with the anger, the sadness, the frustration.

The thing we are resisting is where the greatest gift of growth lives.

Reach out if ya need anything.



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