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Excuses are like assholes...

...and I totally was one.

I used to make EXCUSES.⠀

Any time someone told me how they felt, told me what they needed, gave feedback, or just rubbed me the wrong way...⠀

I had an Arsenal of excuses: ⠀

1. I believed people were doing things to intentionally hurt me so it warranted an attack. ⠀

2. I would judge other people’s behavior based on my expectations. ⠀

3. I would defend myself and my behavior even if hurtful.⠀

4. I would blame anyone who challenged me for my discomfort. ⠀

5. I Would justify with “this is just how I am”. ⠀

Once faced with deep pain and no where I go, I couldn’t run from myself, my hurt, my emotions. I could no longer say “this is just me” and “I don’t do that kinda stuff”⠀

I was forced to meet uncomfortable parts of myself and therefore created space to meet the discomfort of others with grace, empathy, curiosity and humility.⠀

We are all humans just doing our best. ⠀

And once we admit we are in the drivers seat of our own life, we can terminate our excuses and start making decisions.⠀

Decisions. Over. Excuses.

Now, I decide how to respond with these epic new tools.⠀

1. No one does anything TO me. We are all just doing the best we can. ⠀

2. People’s behavior has NOTHING to do with me and rather a reflection of their own inner conflict.⠀

3. There’s no need to defend or prove because I can LISTEN to what someone needs and take responsibility and honor how they feel. I understand what holding space is. ⠀

4. I listen. Not blame. Not interrupt. Not deflect. Getting curious about why someone feels how they do is important. ⠀

5. There’s always room to grow and discomfort and challenging of old ideas is here to help us grow. ⠀


Think about about areas where it’s uncomfortable, what patterns keep coming up and listen to where you may need some love and growth! ⠀

Make the decision to grow over the excuse to run away from it. ⠀

The world is trying to elevate and align you! ⠀

Take a breath and just listen. ⠀

❤️reach out if this resonates and makes sense, to chat or if you want to learn more. My email is always open!⠀



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