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COVID: Two years later

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Two years ago, I closed up shop to my Sweat Remix in person classes after only 18 months. AND, in ONE weekend, created on demand workouts & the entire booking platform, learned how to live stream, and starting running a virtual fitness biz in my 720 Sq ft apartment that I shared with another human.

In that two years, I have made so many mistakes, took financial risks that tanked me and called me to leave Boston after 15 years. The amount of sacrifice is pretty hard core and keeps on going.

These sacrifices have also have some big payouts: features in major national publications, news spots and landed contracts with some pretty major players.

Plus, this biz keeps on GROWING! Can we talk about the folks who show up!! The community created spans all over the country, ages, races, identities, and a wild group of magical people.

And, the best part of all this: The way LIVES HAVE CHANGED! We go beyond losing weight, yall. Getting healthy is an inside job: Getting courage to make career choices, being confident to say YES and NO things that do and don't serve, the clarity and vision to move toward the life they want!

I am so so grateful for all of this. Thank you.

So, point being in all this: how can you find the gift?? When tragedy strikes and life goes off the tracks, because to think it won't is a gross mistake, how can you be prepared to see what IS as a gift and opportunity to keep moving???

Take the setback as an opportunity. There's growth there, promise! You can take the pain, the frustration and use it as fuel to move forward into something EPIC.

Another year....let's see!!

Join us LIVE each week or check us out ON DEMAND.

And if you are looking to build a more connective meditative practice, join our Reflect and Connect Course.

We got you and can't wait for you to join the fam!


Angela and THE FAM

Covid two years later
Covid two years later

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