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Check in or check boxes? ⠀

How often have we found ourselves writing down a lengthy to-do list, running around in a state of complete and epic panic from Place A to Place B back to Place A, getting up at the ass crack just to get in all in. We check off boxes, as if our day was meant and designed for us to check the boxes, not

We often put things we didn't think of when initially making our to-do list that we add on at the end of the day just so we can check it off. The flooding of accomplishment when we cross it off in black sharpie, as if to say: I AM A CHAMPION OF BOX CHECKERS. I AM EXCELLENCE.

And yet, at what expense? We have checked and crossed out and sweat, cried, and ran the expense of what? We trade sanity for doing more. We exchange our self worth for arbitrary rushing and timelines.

We do it for the applause?

We wrap up our self-worth with a big red bow accomplishment, hoping that maybe this time, someone will notice: your boss, your significant other, family...Instagram followers...Oprah...⠀

And alas, all that effort to be exactly in the same space. ⠀

Wanting that validation is an external cat and mouse game, one that doesn’t end well because it doesn’t end. The cycle continues and the chasing and seeking just keeps on keeping on. ⠀

It hurts and feelings of constant emptiness, resentment and exhaustion take up rent free space in emotions, self worth, relationships, careers, life choices and so much more. ⠀

Checking in before the boxes are checked opens the opportunity for alignment and connection to a higher purpose: WHAT AM I ON THIS EARTH TO DO?!!? ⠀

Check in. Ask hard questions and change the world. ❤️⠀


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