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Being bRAVE

What an honor to keep sharing my story in hopes that one day it could be someone's survival guide.

I got the opportunity to sit down with Jayme Aills from Grief Unfiltered Podcast. We really got into some of the depth of my crazy ass life and story, mostly the epic 360 spin out I had after my dad died.

It was in that moment of pure, raw openness that I really began to see what it meant to be fucking brave.

And the biggest takeaway: If grief didn't kill me, if this pain didn't take my own life, then ya know what? I can do ANYTHING. I am so brave to survive this each and every day, so ya know what? Quitting a dead end job and ending a shitty toxic relationship aint no thing.

Let the pain teach you.

I promise you will see how incredibly brave you are.


Hope you enjoy this episode :)



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