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Anger is NOT about anger

It is easy to see someone's outpouring our loud, obnoxious, unhelpful and often hurtful behavior as crazy! If you are composed, you are fine, right!???!

Just remember, The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

Just because someone may not be explosive with how they feel, doesn't mean they aren't hurting. Those who just happen to vocalize and protect by being bigger, louder, more forceful are just using what they have to cope...unhealthy and toxic as it may be.

Anger is about protecting something much deeper, more painful, more unhealed. ⠀

We try to hide and compensate for the parts of of self that we don’t understand, are afraid of, ashamed of, and do our best to protect from others. ⠀

When we feel the most unheard, weak, lost and unlovable, if we just make ourselves bigger, louder, more defensive...then we won’t get hurt! Right?!!⠀

And, sometimes we just use tools that we have gathered unsuccessfully along the way. ⠀

Just remember: ANGER IS NOT CRAZY.

Breathe. You got this.


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