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7 Steps I Took to Live an EPIC Life

Do you ever just look back at a former version of you and think…YIKES.

This former version of Angela from 2008 is like…cringe. But at the same time, she’s the one who took the first step, which is the bravest version of me ever. She’s unrecognizable after a series of BRAVE AND BADASS CHOICES that helped me live a life I love.

Its not easy and this has been a long process; I’m so glad I started. It was arduous, long and I doubted myself almost every step of the way, until I got rid of the “cancer” and toxic shit. I was surrounded by people who DID NOT GET ME and I battled daily that there was something wrong with me. Why are they ok working like someone’s bitch for a broken school system for a pension in 30 years?!? What. A. Waste. Of. My. Life!!


So, since it isn't easy: here are some steps I took to bust out of a life I hated to find joy, purpose and a life I LOVE:

Ended Toxic Relationships:

I no longer was willing to be the sole proprietor of relationships and settling for way less than I gave. From the 8 year relationship with a boyfriend to 20 year friendships...bye. Relationships are always a great teacher and they hold up a mirror to parts of your life that need healing and growing. And sometimes, in order to do that, you have to leave them behind.

I had to get out, shed friends, set boundaries and align myself in spaces with people who had bigger dreams to push me to reach my own potential.

Quit Careers that didn't work

When I become angry, toxic, sad and depressed to go into a job, it is information that it is time to leave. This happened at my decade+ teaching career and in any other job along the way There are always signs that job isn't working.

know this: It isn't the job's job to change, it is yours to accept it or move on And ya know what? It is OK to outgrow careers. We grow and so the things in our life have to evolve with us.

Prioritized My Needs and Boundaries

Quitting the job, losing the friends were all part of choosing myself. I got clear on what my needs were from where I spent my time, to what I ate to who I hung around with. And I set hard boundaries. When we prioritize what WE want, it can cause friction from people who have benefitted from us NOT prioritizing ourself.

FOCUSED ON MY goals and dreams

What was most important to me? Living a life I loved with freedom while building a community of epic trailblazing badass millennials, like me... So, I left Boston after 15 years, moved in with my family and focused everything I have on what I want. All of that requires some sacrifice and risk, but it isn't scary it just feels...right. So, it isn't really a sacrifice at all. It is empowering!

invested in the right support

Family and old friends? nope! Those are the folks who didn't make the circle ya know?!! Support comes from putting myself in the right rooms with like minded people and building friendships and relationships with people who understand my values set and vision. Investing in coaches, mentors, networking groups and yes honey, therapists are important to keep you focused, validated and championed to reach your goals.

Without a supportive community of people speaking your language and hyping you up, then the road and journey is long and shitty.


So, here we are: living life and thriving, in a life that is truly MINE! I hope it can serve as inspo for you to make moves and carve out of a path in your life that lights you up!

Your journey will be more than the status quo. Your wild ride and journey will be to create what has yet to be created. To trailblaze a new path is FUCKING BADASS. There's a whole community of people moving & shaking new ways of being, so tap in when you need it!

And since you can’t bypass the journey, and it will be tough standing in what you want, having a team and group of people behind you and supporting you to do whatever you want and claim as your truth regardless of the “should” and norm is a one way ticket on the fast track to leveling up and living the fuck outta ya life!

Imagine what happens when you put all the energy it take to defend and pretend into YOU and what truly matters!!? Hot damn. I can’t stand it!!!! So that’s where a strong and supportive community come in. All the support you need to stand powerfully in your choices and find happiness in YOUR life.

So tap in!!!!! Join this movement community for folks LIKE YOU who are throwing middle fingers up at conventionality, limiting patriarchal beliefs and going after a life on their terms, and what makes them happy. I see you and you matter!!! Text: “SweatRemix” to 855-534-2890 Join us!

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