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Tools, resources and inspirations for you to bust out of the "should" and Take action in your life

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Being chased by a hippo to losing her father to rage quitting her tenured teaching career, Angela's wide range of speaking topics will surely entertain and inspire. Her life lessons and wise perspective come from her life of taking risks, living in the present and making sure that "had to be there" feeling shines through in her storytelling. 


the badass who...

  • you want to stop sitting in your driveway crying because whatever is causing you tension and friction is just too much

  • You are totally done with the bullshit and ready to reinvent yourself at this major crossroads

  • you don't want to keep spending money on temporary bullshit that never changes your life

  • feeling the impact of loss and grief hella hard: loss of a loved one, divorce, unemployment and even the loss of what you wanted your life to look like


not a good fit for...

  • you want your hand held to complain about how hard your situation is and NOT DO A DAMNNED THING about your life. 

  • Refuse to invest money in yourself thinking that free google article is going to solve all your problems 

  • you simply just want to play the victim in your life time and time again so you don't actually have to be uncomfortable


your dream life is REAL

  • You wake up every morning excited about your life

  • You have so much more enery and time to dedicate to yourself

  • you are taking daily action to keep getting what you want

  • You don't spend weeks feeling derailed in your heavy life moments,

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