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Helping you turn loss, pain and grief into powerful purpose. 


Giving you the Big Sister to guide you through life and the the in-between of loss: the loss of direction, self-identify, or a loved one. 

The Big Sister Guide to Becoming Epic and the #ZENRAGEHEAL process gives YOU permission to be brave, vulnerable and authentic in the in-between so you can identify the value and worth you bring into the world.

We got this. What are you waiting for?

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big sister





  • She is wise, understanding and a true ride or die

  • She is experienced in life and you value her experience and teachings

  • She doesn't tell you what to do, she guides and supports

  • She encourages you to find the answer that is best for you

  • She provides a safe space to explore without judgement

  • She honors and respects your individuality and is your biggest fan and loudest cheerleading

  • She protects your emotional vulnerability

  • She is someone you look up to and respect, too


hear from angela

Founder of Sweat Remix and as a certified teaching Professional since 2005 from coaching to public school to fitness, I specialize in helping people transform pain and loss into powerful purpose


The day my dad died, everything changed. It was in my deepest moments of sorrow that I realized we only get one life and we better live the hell outta it. I took this gift of breaking open with grief to evaluate how I was living and identify how misaligned I was each day. Bottom line, I was living a life that was not mine—I was living according to a series of choices I thought I had to make and what I thought I "should" be doing.


So I gave myself permission to heal—to really meet myself—and I'm able to define what I value and to align who I am to a life that is MINE. 


The past decade experiencing loss, death, crisis, toxic relationships and work environments, I've turned this knowledge into my purpose—to share my discoveries and help others live the ultimate life, be who they want to be and say“FUXK all the basic becky bullsh*t”.

As a "big sister" ahead on this path, it would be an honor to grab your hand and help you through the twists and turns. Let's #ZENRAGEHEAL together. We got this.


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